jeudi 22 décembre 2011

Stop-over in kinshasa RDC for some kamundele.

Argh, putting back aliments in tins goes against all common sense!!! But why not, let’s give it a try!

The fun in that a cooking challenge requires the search of one solution, the good one, for an idea! What kind of tin could I use?
We live in a big and old house! There are so many places and cupboards... it's like to start a treasure hunting! I will find my quilts, my old pictures, all my artquiltdesign material, tons of African fabrics…waouw, it's a mixt of fun and irritation, lots of discovery but after a while, you'd like to find what you're searching for ;-)! I'm sure, it happened also to you one day!
The more space you have, the more you keep everything, even more when you've lived in Africa, where NOTHING is thrown away! We keep every "taplubesoin" (no need that), closed family's expression!
Yeah, it's a good occasion to give a new life to those "NIDO" tins (tins from trade mark powder milk sold in africa), decorated by Rwandese artists who sold them painted to win a bit of money.

What's "kamundele"? Kebab's in lingala
What's "lingala"?
 It's one of the local languages of Zaïre, invented a long time ago by some priests.

That language has only 508 words "lingala french" and 656 words french lingala ;-)
Why complicate things when you can make it easy ;-)))
 To say "to the left", you just need to know the word "go straight forward" while pointing to the left with your hand! Easy isn't it?

What's "Aloco"? It's almost a sacred word in Ivory Coast. It's simply means: cubes of banana plantains (sort of hard bananas which can be fried), fried in palm oil. It goes well with kebabs.


Ingrédients for 2 persons:

500 g beef
2 cm ginger root
2 tbsp mustard
1 Maggi beef cube
2 garlic cloves
half a lemon juice
2 c à s d’huile d’olive

1 plantain
palm oil

The day before cut the beef into pieces.
Place all ingredients in a small blender and mix.
Coat the meat and marinate overnight.
Thread onto skewers and grill.
Or you can cut plantains into mini cubes and dip them in frying oil until golden brown

You'll probably be surprised by my way of talking, dont be complexed, at my age, 71, I'm lucky not to have any complexes any more! Laugh, it's free and think of those who pay for laugh therapy!
Thank you!

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