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Moamba is ranked 10th best plate of the world by CNN
Marine’s translation.
Moambe is the most well-known dish in central Africa.
As I guess that few of you know that dish, let me give you the recipe.
It is very easy, even a cook with two left hands can succeed with that recipe.
Called “moambe” or “sauce graine”, it is exactly the same recipe as the main ingredient for both is the pulp of the fruits from the Elaïs palm tree.
It is also known as "poto poto".
In Congo we should start cooking early in the morning as this sauce needs a long preparation.
Here in Europe it is easier, you can buy it in a tin.
There are different qualities of that product.
My best one is Ghana Fresh .

With one tin you can prepare two big chickens which give you a meal for 8 persons.


I wrote the following part.
Please don’t forget that I am French speaking.
I do my best knowing that it is not the best.

Ingredients :

1 tin  moambe
2 chicken pieces per person
2 bay leaves
salt, pepper and PILI PILI course
1 tin  saka saka (cassava leaves)
2 tablespoons peanut butter


Remove the layer of fat that is on top of the fruit pulp
You can use that fat to brown the chicken pieces.
Add the contents of the tin and a little water.
Add salt, pepper, bay leaf and  the pili pili, each according to its sensitivity limit.
Cook slowly until chicken is done.
Attention, when the sauce is boiling, it splashed all over the stove.
For saka saka, heat the remaining fat and add the cassava leaves previously drained.
Add salt, pepper and 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.
This does not require cooking.

Bon appétit.

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