mercredi 11 janvier 2012

Brain with tarator sauce. Stop-over in Turkestan.

This sauce comes probably from the same origin as the one  that we call tartar sauce in French cuisine. However, it brings a different flavor and it goes particularly well with the taste of brains.

Ingredients for 2 persons.

100 g walnuts
salt and pepper
3 garlic cloves
the crumb of 2 bread slices
2 tbsp lemon juice
olive oil
chopped parsley to garnish

1 beef or calf’s brain.


Grind the walnuts, garlic, salt and peper in a blender.
Soak the crumbs in some water and squeeze out.
Spoon all those ingredients in a bowl.
Little by little add the lemon juice and olive oil until the sauce becomes thick and smooth.
Serve on a plate with slices of brain and garnish with the parsley.

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